Our Profile

National Aviation Academy is a subsidiary of Townsville Helicopters, a 100% Australian owned company.

Building on the success of our rotary-wing school we are moving forward and offering the same safe, professional culture of Townsville Helicopters, and bring that to the fixed-wing aircraft arena. Our aim to provide a one-stop shop for fixed and rotary-wing professional flight and theory training and examinations.

ABN - 68 129 250 513
Aircraft Operators Certificate # - 777094

The company trades as

  • National Aviation Academy

Mission Statement

Excellence through Experience.

We will offer our clients our experience in aviation and aviation safety to provide a safe and cost-effective standard of operation.

Our Values

The National Aviation Academy core value is client satisfaction through safety and efficiency.

The company also promotes the following values:

The growth of our culture of safety that is paramount to our success.
Striving to constantly provide expertise and experience to all operations and therefore building long-lasting client relationships.
Sustaining achievable profit margins in order to maintain a standard of business that is expected of us.