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National Aviation Academy

Transform Your Passion into Flight

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At NAA, we understand the importance of personalised training and industry-relevant skills.

National Aviation Academy is transforming the aviation industry by taking a modern approach to fixed wing flight training.

Whether you're completely new to aviation, wanting to get started or looking to upskill in your career, National Aviation Academy has created a base for Pilot’s at every level. We understand that life and other commitments pop up, so we've done our best to ensure our courses are easily accessible and can be personalised to any schedule. 

NAA is 100% Australian owned and our crew are passionate about providing eager aviators / aviatrix exceptional training from day one in their journey to ensure a healthy and strong pipeline for the future of aviation in Australia.

We offer flight training starting from the very basics of a Recreational Pilots Licence all the way through to Multi-Engine Instrument Ratings with industry ready training across all courses! Lets find the perfect path for you…

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Your 10,000ft
Catch your dream career with our Commercial Pilot License (CPL).

Your 10,000ft

Catch your dream career with our Commercial Pilot License (CPL).

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Frequently Asked Questions about Our Aviation Academy

If you cannot find answer to your question in our FAQs, you can contact us. We will answer to you shortly!

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The answer is nothing! Everything you need to learn, we will teach you here at National Aviation Academy. You do not require any subject pre-requisites / grades / ATAR score etc.

If you are in school and looking to train with us after you graduate then it’s ideal to stick with STEM related subjects, whilst these are not as if you are good at them and enjoy the class - it will benefit you later in your aviation studies.

You can pick up a textbook and start reading at anytime! However, to go solo in an aircraft you must be 16 years old. We recommend that if you are still in school - to enjoy your time there, have fun and then when you are done, come and see us so you can dedicate as much time as possible to your aviation studies without the stress of highschool exams in amongst it. If you or your child is super motivated and wants to see what it’s like to fly a plane then Trial Introductory Flights are the perfect gift idea for that extra hit of motivation.

We understand that everyone's life is different and you might have work or personal commitments that could affect your study schedule. At National Aviation Academy we understand that no student's study will look the same so we would like to do whatever we can to ensure you can still get your licence or endorsement completed. Please call us so we can arrange a personalised study schedule for you.

We strongly encourage booking in a Trial Introductory Flight. This provides an excellent opportunity to 'try out our facilities and fleet and have an in depth conversation with our instructors on creating a training plan that works for you.

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