An industry for all

An industry for all
Jul 19, 2023

National Aviation Academy is proud to be leading the way for a diverse and inclusive environment within the aviation industry through the partnership of Aviatrix Australia. 

As a family owned and operated company we ensure everyone who enters the NAA Hangar doors feels at home. We understand the industry proves to be highly male dominated and are hoping to help Aviatrix Australia shift this by creating an encouraging, welcoming and supportive environment as well as planning social events on weekends including our annual fly away and visits to the local bowls club to help our students & staff bond and most importantly enjoy time with each other outside of flight school. 

Our sister brand, Aviatrix Australia has an open office which is always available for students to as well as online social media platforms to help others connect and communicate about their highs, lows and everything in between! Since creating the brand we have seen an incredible difference in positive attitudes both between students and staff who are making a conscious effort to ensure everyone feels like they belong.

You can check out Aviatrix Australia here and also listen to the podcast, Aviatrix Airwaves on Spotify & Apple!